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Design Services

Foundation Design

Pile Design (Steel, Wood, Concrete)
Mini Piles
Spread Footings
Pad Footings
Grade Beam Design
Permanent Wood Foundations
Helical Pier Design

Wood Design

Glue Laminated beams
Plywood Box Beams
Plywood Shear Diaphragms
General Wood Design
Framing Design

Computer Design

Computer Analysis
Structural Calculations
CAD Design
3D Structural Modeling

Structural Drawings

Complete Structural Drawing Packages
Electronic File Transfer
Electronic Drawing Markup
Repair Details

Design Capabilities

Steel Design

Multistory Frames
Rigid Frame
Semi-Rigid Frame
Simple Spans
Welded Moment Connections
Bolted Connections
Crane Bays
Trusses, Plate Girders
Shear Connections

Concrete Design

Precast Concrete
Pre-tensioned Concrete
Post-tensioned Concrete
Ultimate Strength Design
Flat Slabs
Joists / Beam Design

Masonry Design

Multistory Load Bearing
Brick & Block
Reinforced & Un-reinforced
Brick Beams

Retaining Walls

Sheet Pile

Consulting Services

Structural Corrections
Design of Structural Building Components
Holding Tanks, Hoppers and Dip Tanks
Steel and Wood Truss Modifications
Production Area Floor Plan Changes
Failure Analysis
Fire Damage Inspections
Road Bridges Design and Repair Orders
FHA Inspections
Residential Inspections